Trend Glass by Granite Transformations Uses Recycled Glass to Create Vivid Colors and Depth Not Found in Traditional Countertops

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Beautiful Engineered Surfaces are Created From the World’s Finest Stone, Granite and Quartz and Can Be Installed Directly Over Existing Countertops

Miramar, Fla. – March 30, 2009 – Nothing dates a kitchen faster than old tile or laminate countertops. Stained grout, cracked tiles and burned surfaces become the center of attention regardless of the overall condition of the kitchen. Once, the only solution was to replace the countertops in a process that included a costly, messy demolition that disrupted the kitchen for weeks. Now, with Granite Transformations’ Trend Stone old countertops can be recovered in a fraction of the time using beautiful, durable engineered stone with the look of granite, only better.

Trend Stone is manufactured using 95 percent natural stone and a specially formulated polymer that is cast into lightweight slabs that are then custom cut and installed directly over existing countertops. The resulting transformation, from old and worn to beautiful granite-like countertops that resist scratching and staining, takes as little as one to two days.

“We have taken the greatest attributes of granite and engineered them into a product that is even better,” said Mark Johnson, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Granite Transformations. “We use stone, granite and quartz from all over the world and combine them to create a variety of tough, beautiful surfaces. Then, we went one step further by creating a revolutionary way of installing these countertops.”

Customers simply choose which type of surface they want and then a certified installer measures the existing countertops and creates a template to make sure everything fits perfectly. The new countertops are then fabricated in a shop reducing the time-consuming mess caused by working in the customer’s home. Installers then return with the fully finished counters that are attached directly onto the old countertops. This process takes only one or two days for countertops and backsplashes in a standard size kitchen, all without the mess and disruption caused by the time-consuming demolition and installation process usually associated with new counter installations.

But easy installation does not mean customers must make any sacrifices in beauty or durability. Trend Stone countertops come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and, unlike real granite, they are flexible, maintenance-free, permanently sealed and resistant to scratches, staining, heat and wear. By carefully selecting and combining the finest quartz, stone and granite from the world over Granite Transformations has created over 25 different surfaces with colors and appearances that rival the best nature has to offer.

Granite Transformations is revolutionizing the remodeling industry by offering high-quality surfaces that saves consumers time, money and the headaches normally associated with home remodeling projects. While similar in cost to granite or quartz surfacing, Granite Transformations’ products are completely unique because they are installed directly over the existing surface. This proprietary process enables projects to be completed in 1-2 days while eliminating the need for demolition and sending unnecessary debris to the landfill.

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