Granite Transformations’ Trend Mosaic Recreates the Beauty of Traditional Italian Glass Tiles

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Miramar, Fla. – March 30, 2009 – Mosaic tiles have graced buildings with their beauty and elegance for thousands of years. Use of mosaic tile in Roman villas dates back as early as the 4th century B.C. The Italians have always loved these tiles, and still manufacture some of the world’s most beautiful glass mosaic tile. Granite Transformations has captured the beauty and luster of this ancient art form in their contemporary and durable Trend Mosaic glass tiles.

Trend Mosaic glass tiles sparkle with a transparent iridescence created through a careful manufacturing process. Enamel is used to create veins of color, while Aventurine, sparkling micro crystalline quartz,and semi-precious stones add further brilliance. Trend Mosaic is then assembled in unique 4-foot by10-foot slabs that can be adhered over many surfaces in the home.

“Trend Mosaic has made the addition of beautiful mosaic tiles a much more convenient option,” said Mark Johnson, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Granite Transformations. “Because of Trend Mosaic’s manufacturing process, and by installing directly over the existing surface, the tiles are easier and quicker to install than conventional mosaic tiles, without sacrificing the beauty.”

Trend Mosaic is pre-grouted at the factory eliminating the time consuming and messy grouting process.Lasting beauty is insured by the use of latex grout that resists staining, will not crack and never needs sealing, virtually eliminating the problem of ugly, stained grout. Trend Mosaic is available in seven different color combinations and comes with a limited lifetime warranty for customer peace of mind.

Granite Transformations is revolutionizing the remodeling industry by offering high-quality surfaces that save consumers the time, money and headaches normally associated with home remodeling projects. While similar in cost to granite or quartz surfacing, Granite Transformations’ products are completely unique because they are installed directly over the existing surface. This proprietary process enables projects to be completed in 1-2 days while eliminating the need for demolition and sending unnecessary debris to the landfill.

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