Granite Transformations Ready to Seize Market Trifecta

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Miramar, FL – April 30, 2010– Granite Transformations, a division of Trend USA that has facilities and showrooms around the world, is excited about its prospect for growth. First, it is seeing signs that the home improvement market is trending up for the first time in 18 months. That’s good for business if you own a Granite Transformation franchise because it demonstrates the consumer’s interest in re-investing in their home once again.

Second, the market is full of professionals who may have taken an early retirement or have been downsized. Many of those professionals have strong business acumen, having managed departments or business units, oversaw multi-million dollar operations and staff. Third, and critically important, is the fact that capital is beginning to flow into the small business marketplace as community banks gain new investors, credit unions begin to showcase their appetite for small business investment and big banks loosen up their more recent rigid standards.

Recession Usually Signals Growth in Small Business
Throughout each of the last few economic downturns, an emergence of small businesses, in particular franchising, fills the holes of unemployment. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 90 percent of franchises are still in operation after 10 years, compared to just 18 percent of other forms of small businesses. For potential entrepreneurs, becoming a franchisee can help to minimize some of the stress of owning a business, as franchisors assist with finding the best location, negotiating a lease, hiring reliable contractors and staying within a set budget.

“We have a real window of opportunity to scale our company because the market is ripe with two classes of potential franchisees. We are seeing experienced franchisees in industries like quick service and fast casual restaurants feeling like it’s the ideal time to exit those overly competitive businesses and move into a higher AUV business where they immediately recognize the competitive differences we have,” explains Mark Johnson, chief executive officer of Granite Transformations. “And because our business is about managing staff, contractors, schedules, projects, we feel there’s an overflow of talent out there in every corner of the U.S. Couple that with signs of the financial markets releasing capital for qualified small businesses, our biggest challenge in 2011 may be managing growth.”

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