Granite Transformations Offer Stylish, Eco-Sustainable Renovation Solutions

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Miramar, FL –April 1, 2010 – Granite Transformations, a division of Trend USA that has facilities and showrooms around the world, offers new and exciting alternatives to traditional countertops, backsplashes, floors and more. It features a low-carbon emissions product in its Trend Glass, a fusion of recycled glass and stone. Made with transparent-tempered glass, post-consumer recycled glass, and semi-precious man-made stones, Trend Glass is manufactured using 33 to 70 percent recycled content making it one of the industry leaders for its amount of recycled materials.

“At a time when living green is no longer a fad, but a way of life, Granite Transformations is proud to offer Trend Glass,” states Carl Griffenkranz, vice president of marketing for Granite Transformations. “Sustainability helps to reduce consumption of natural resources, and with a product like Trend Glass that can contain up to 72 percent of post-consumer recycled materials, Granite Transformations is doing its part to help consumers live environmentally-friendly lives for themselves, their children, their grand children and beyond.”

With its unique resurfacing process, Granite Transformations engineers its countertops to fit directly over existing countertops which greatly reduce landfill waste created with a traditional remodel. Additionally, the slabs are one-third as thick as traditional slabs requiring 65 percent less material to produce. There is no need for new construction, further saving in the amount of raw materials used and energy needed to manufacture.

With more than 50 colors to choose from, Trend Glass is perfect for kitchens, counters, bathrooms and commercial installations. The product is extremely durable, heat resistant, cold resistant, scratch resistant as well as stain resistant. There is no messy demolition as the glass tiles come already mounted and pre-grouted on large slabs, making the installation process efficient and completed in one to two days.

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