Durability, Beauty and Easy Installation Makes Granite Transformations Ideal for Commercial and Hospitality Applications

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Beautiful Engineered Surfaces Cover Walls, Floors, Counters and Tabletops Giving Hotel Lobbies
and Restaurants Lasting Low Maintenance Style and Good looks

Miramar, Fla. – December 7, 2009 – Some of Chicago’s finest commercial and hospitality establishments have undergone sleek sophisticated facelifts using Granite Transformations unique engineered surfaces. Benefits include greatly reduced installation time, unique flexible materials, stain, heat, and scratch resistance and a long lasting low maintenance surface that is perfectly suited for the demanding commercial environment.

Granite Transformation’s engineered surfaces have the look and feel of natural stone while outperforming traditional granite surface material. These man made surfaces are composed of various combinations of natural stone, quartz and recycled glass and space age polymers that are molded, cut and polished into 4 foot by 10 foot solid and mosaic tile sheets.

“Here in Chicago people have begun to realize how versatile and practical these materials are,” says Sasha Radic, Granite Transformations Chicago-based franchise owner “From yachts to hotel lobbies, this material offers a beauty and durability that you won’t get with anything else. And installation times are just a fraction of what they would be with granite. I had a customer that was quoted a three week install time with granite, we did the job in five days.”

The unique nature of Granite Transformations material allows it to be installed in places where natural stone would not be practical or possible. Flexibility and lightweight is key to its versatility allowing installation over a wide range of surfaces without the need for demolition of the pre-existing materials. Granite Transformations’ Trend Mosaic can even cover curved surfaces like concrete columns, quickly turning an ugly eyesore into a shimmering pillar of lustrous glass.

Granite Transformations Trend Stone, Trend Glass and Trend Mosaic are all well suited to the demands of the commercial environment. Trend Stone and Trend Glass are extremely durable and functional surfaces. Resistant to heat, cold, stains and scratches, they are permanently sealed greatly reducing the need for maintenance. Trend Mosaic comes from the factory pre-grouted with a vinyl material that resist stains, will not crack and never needs sealing. Easy installation, low maintenance and lasting beauty are the hallmarks of Granite Transformations.

As an added bonus, builders who choose Granite Transformations can feel good about their contribution to a better environment. The company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, has products certified by the NSF International (NSF Standard 51 for food equipment materials like plastics, materials and components used in food equipment) and Greenguard for its efforts to reduce product emissions, use of sustainable manufacturing processes and recycling. Many of their products contain up to 72 per cent recycled materials and the reduced need for demolition before installation means a reduction of thousands of tons of materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

“It really is a great product on a lot of different levels,” added Radic. “The faster installation means less downtime for the business. Once it’s in it looks great, lasts forever and needs very little maintenance and you can feel good about your contribution to a green environment.”

For more information about Granite Transformations products please visit the website at www.granitetransformations.com.

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